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Revitalising the ocean, "one bivalve at a time"
our commitment to sustainable aquaculture!

Professionalità, innovazione e passione al servizio degli allevatori di molluschi....

....vogliamo lasciare una "impronta" nel TUO allevamento

Our history "in brief"

Biologists and experts in the field of aquaculture after more than 3 decades of activity and individual experience build in 2019 a Hatchery in the Netherlands and a pre-growing farm plant in Italy to manage the production chain of shellfish seed. The production focuses particularly on "Ruditapes Philippinarum" as a response to the ever-increasing demand for shellfish seed from Italian and European farmers.

The Hatchery in the Netherlands and two pregrow farm in Italy this for the time being is the configuration of MITO srl which groups three companies as holding; Ecotapes Zeeland ltd, Ecotapes Italia srl and Delta Futuro srl.

Specifically, the company Delta Futuro srl, based in Goro lagoon (FE), the 'home' of clams, is preparing to set up the largest clam seed pre-growing farm in Europe, where it will use innovative technologies in terms of breeding techniques.

The three companies meet eco-sustainability requirements and focus on the massive use of renewable energy sources. Our target market is farmers of Ruditapes Philippinarum who need to seed from a size of T1 up to a size of T8

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Contact us

Via Emilia, 47, 44020 Goro FE, Italia

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